Kitchen designs inspiration: Modern & Contemporary

If you have decided that you are due a new kitchen, then you have chosen the right place to get it from! Here at Bulldog kitchens, we have plenty of kitchen designs, layouts and numerous kitchen ideas for small kitchens. So whatever your requirements are, we are sure to have the dream kitchen for you.

Whether your space is big or small, we understand that you want the perfect one for you. Which is why we will create your own kitchen design layout, designed to fit any specific space.

As there are many choices to choose from we have created a list with some kitchen inspirations ideal for you!


#1 Go ultra-modern

Ultra-modern is the real show-stopper of the kitchen designs. If you like no mess or clutter, then this kitchen design is ideal for you! A simple kitchen design yet one which will look great to show off to friends and family.

This design is sleek and simple, with the glossy cabinets and the seamless doors, this will create a simple look. If you want to go fully out with the modern look then we would suggest our handless range. They are finished with an attractive flawless lacquer. The seamless lines and curves will create a stunning and clutter-less look within the kitchen.


#2 You can’t go wrong with an original

Going original will never go out of fashion. So you will be able to keep this style of kitchen for a long period of time. We will be able to create beautiful kitchen designs and layouts to suit any style or space. Allowing you to create a unique design, from a choice of one of our 27 quality kitchens suiting all types of budgets yet still being great quality.


#3 Straight from the ‘Great British Bake Off’ tent

Go traditional, or as we like to call it – town and country. A great theme to choose is the great British bake off. A traditional kitchen won’t go out of fashion. From the bunting, to the jars of ingredients add the homeliness to any kitchen. Why not invest in a state of the art island as well? Complete with the state of the art oven, perfect for baking or dinner parties when you will want to show off your kitchen.

Remember to invest in a good solid table, this can be where you gather your thoughts and make key decisions – just like you’re on the actual show! A place to show off your cooking and a great communal space to sit as a family.


For more information on our kitchens/styles and how we can help you then get in contact with us, we are always happy to help.

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