Interior design kitchens

Whatever your house looks like, we have some great design ideas waiting for you to discover. Our interior design kitchens will give you the inspiration you may need to help you with the perfect looking kitchen. It can be the smallest of detail which will allow you to make the most of this space, and show off to your true potential.

Whether you require kitchen ideas for small kitchens or large ones, we have something which you are sure to like. Kitchens are not only about where you eat anymore. They are much more! Now kitchens are all about cooking, entertaining, socialising and dining. Therefore, it is essential to make the most out of your kitchen and utilize it to the best it can be.


Renovating your kitchen is a great way to utilize all the space. You can have a simple kitchen design yet packed with great tricks. By doing this it will also increase the price of your home, so it isn’t just an investment which will look nice in your house, but one with a return when you come to sell your house.


Kitchen design layouts can be difficult to work out, especially if you have something in mind. However, we will try our best to fit everything you want in a stylish yet practical way into any space required. No matter what the size we have to work with, we will create a well utilised yet simple kitchen design.


Bespoke kitchen top

Planning an Interior design kitchen

If you are planning on creating a new space for your home, then an interior design kitchen will look great. Here at Bulldog Kitchens, we offer a free consultation and design plan to help you turn your dreams into reality. If you would like to get in touch with this service, then contact us for more information.


Our range of Interior design kitchens

We have a range of truly great kitchens for you to choose from. So one of the hardest things to decide on is what style of kitchen you would like.

We have the choice of 4 style designs:


Town and Country

Town and country Kitchens are available in traditional and contemporary styles, we have 19 fantastic colours for you to choose from. Ensuring that you will have the kitchen of your dreams, in the colour you want. From classic oak to green, and vinyl to solid timber, you will find your perfect kitchen with us.

Kitchen Tap


This modern handleless collection has a beautifully designed high gloss door. They sit seamlessly along the counter, complete with an integral ‘J’ handle or an internal ‘scoop’ handle fluted within the door fascia. It will show off the cutting edge design of the linear lines or dramatic curves.


Our originals collection brings 27 quality kitchens to suit all budgets. Ensuring you can have a quality kitchen no matter what your budget is. A great balance between form, function and sustainability. Ideal for any home!

True handleless

This true handleless collection is a step up from our other ranges. It is a sleek design, with a truly seamless finish. No matter what you want your finished product to be, true handleless will be sure to get you there! It has a range of colours to fit any style and design you require.

If you require more information on any of our kitchen styles, then speak to us directly. Contact us Bulldog Kitchens.