Is grey the new white?

Trends come and go, and with kitchens, this is certainly the case. A couple of years ago, it was all about the bright and shiny white kitchens. But don’t get us wrong! This style is still very popular. Yet it seems that the grey kitchens may be sneaking in with their stylish, modern and sleek designs.


Different tones of grey can add real character, individuality and a timeless effect. It can also be paired with either warm or colder colours to add depth to the kitchen, depending on whether you have a large or small kitchen. Complementary colours to the grey tones are calming to look at while contrasting colours are energising. If the kitchen is large, when we would suggest a selection of bold, contrasting colours to ensure the room doesn’t look too bland. Also, grey metal is meant to bring strength and clarity into rooms, with a crisp and sharp energy. Bringing the whole family together, with a sense of comfort with a grey kitchen.


What is the difference?

Grey wood is ideal for the traditional style yet with a little modern twist. We have recently installed a kitchen with grey wood, a beautiful large Oaklands kitchen. It has an added marble worktop which ties in with the white and grey style, ensuring a stylish look.


A shiny, gloss modern grey cupboard is ideal for a smaller kitchen. This is due to the reflectiveness of the doors, enabling it to make the room look bigger. This trick is used in a lot of smaller kitchens, while we would advise grey, we would also recommend it being light grey. As a lighter kitchen tricks the eyes into thinking the kitchen is bigger than it actually is.

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