How to clean gloss surfaces?

As much as we love the look of the gloss kitchen doors, we do realise that dirt and spillages can take the shine off these. Which is why we have created this guide to help you clean the doors to keep them looking and maintaining in the way you bought them – brand new.


#1 Avoid using harsh cloth


Completely avoid using any harsh cloths or sponges on the surfaces. This will lead to scratches on the surface. Therefore, it is advisable to use soft microfibre anti-scratch cloths, making sure you do not scratch the surface when wiping it. They take off the dust with their synthetic fibres which will leave your door looking shiny and new.


#2 Avoid using cleaning products


This may sound strange if you are wanting to clean the dirt off your doors, but cleaning products on your doors can cause more damage. They can stain or if they have abrasives in them then they may leave marks themselves. As detergents contain strong chemicals which risk damaging the gloss finish on your doors. Meaning they will be damaging even more rather than helping. Therefore, we would suggest for you to use warm water, this will take any dirt or fingerprints off the surface leaving them look brand new.


#3 Use as little water as possible


As we have just stated, cleaning products are not advised, and warm water should be the only option. However, make sure you do not soak the cloth in too much water; wring it out until it is lightly damp, using as little water as possible. Using a cloth full of water will leave behind smears and residual marks once your kitchen surfaces have dried out.


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