Add the perfect lighting to your kitchen

Lighting in a kitchen can transform an ordinary looking kitchen into a fantastic one. Now Kitchens are turning into multipurpose rooms, and so it is essential that the lighting is prepared for different settings and different purposes.

Kitchens are now a multipurpose room, whether many use it for dining, relaxing, entertaining and doing homework. Therefore, different settings require different lightings.


How to plan your lighting?

The best time to plan your lighting is the initial stages of the design process for the whole kitchen. If you leave it until later on, it becomes an afterthought and your possibilities then become limited.

Think about the shape and size of your kitchen, understand what areas will need more light and which areas will have natural light. Take a look at where areas will need intense lighting. This usually will be around the cooking and areas if you are planning to do work on the dining table etc.

Make sure you think about the ambiance and the atmosphere, the lighting doesn’t always want to be a bright light, and sometimes it is preferred to have mood lighting. Therefore, when looking at different types of lights, choose ones which can dim or ones which can go on different switch boards, enabling certain lights to switch on and off.


Different types of lighting

Task lighting

These are one of the brightest lights in the kitchen. These target the main working areas such as the worktops, cooker and sink areas. They are usually placed under the upper work cupboards.

Mood lighting

Mood lighting is so important for a kitchen and living area, it can set the tone and while eating/relaxing, you may not want it to be as bright as some areas. Therefore, mood lighting is perfect, consider ambient illumination such as dimmable wall lights.

Feature lighting

Add a featured light to guide the eye around the room, allowing you to focus on different areas. This may consist of kick board lighting, shelf lighting or additional battery lights placed around the room, which will add an extra dimension to the room.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting is so beneficial to any room, especially a kitchen. Skylights, French doors and large windows all look great for any kitchen.


If you would like any help/tips on creating a beautiful kitchen. With the perfect tone of lighting for your specific room. Then get in touch with us, we are always happy to help!

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