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5 kitchen trends which are here to stay!

Planning your kitchen is an exciting time, making sure you can make the most out of your space. However, there are always different kitchen trends coming in, so we have chosen some designs which we think are here to stay.


You can’t go wrong with white


White gives any kitchen the clean and modern look anyone would love to have. Therefore, white has become very popular, so popular in fact that 67% of members from the national Kitchen and Bath Association stated that white was their top colour of cabinet.


White doesn’t have to be bland, make sure you pick the perfect colour of white! This may sound ridiculous but picking the right shade of white within your kitchen can make all the difference. Old English white looks great for the classic and old fashion style kitchen. Whereas bright white looks sleek and clean in a modern kitchen.


Classic black and white


This classic black and white will never go out of fashion, this high contrast design looks great and is eye catching. More and more people are buying into this design as they know it will look great in years to come. Add a splash of colour to your white cupboards and black work surfaces for a real wow factor!

neutral kitchen

Go neutral


If you are looking for colour, then a big trend recently is having natural colours. Something like neutral grey works great in a kitchen, this is due to it going well with silver appliances. Grey can be tricky to work with, in the winter grey can look cold, so make sure you add warmer and brighter colours, like plants and flowers.


Get the latest gadget


Everyone loves a good gadget in the kitchen, and this is becoming a big feature in the design process. Think boiling water taps and pop up gadgets from the work surface. A key feature within the kitchen can be a real talking point and also can come in very useful with the cooking!


Banish kitchen clutter


To maintain your sleek and modern kitchen, make sure all surfaces are clear from clutter. The integrated fridge and dishwasher has become popular due to people wanting a clean and minimalistic look.

Plan well, make sure you plan for draws which will hold pans and hooks within cupboards for hanging utensils etc. This will make your kitchen cleaner and free of unnecessary clutter.



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